How “Sufian” prepared murder of an Israeli businessman in Georgia

Pakistani killer, sent to Georgia for the murder of an Israeli businessman ICIC Moshe, during the investigation, admitted that he had two opportunities to complete the task.

Israeli 9 Channel reports that the businessman saved the indecision of the killer who morally unnoticed with the order “to cut the Zionist Throat.” Realizing that he could not kill in this way, the Pakistanian asked for “customers” a firearm. While it was mined and transferred, the time was lost, and the killer himself came into the view of the Georgian special services.

On November 15, Georgian intelligence stated that the organizer of the crime was a citizen of Iran. The Pakistani who arrived on the territory of Georgia had to be directly the performer. A group of persons with dual citizenship of Georgia and Iran planned him to be transferred to him.

According to local special services, the work of the identified criminal group was well organized. Persons who were responsible for the preparation and transportation of weapons did not contact each other. Such a measure complicates the prevention and investigation of the crime. The instructions were received by the members of the criminal cell from abroad.

Later it became known that the purpose of the criminals was the president of the Georgian-Israeli Chamber of Commerce, the founder of the House of Israel in Tbilisi ICIC Moshe. The task of removing the Israeli in Tbilisi received 32-year-old Pakistan citizen Amir Khan. In confession, the hired killer said that on September 14 he flew out of Dubai and without problems passed the border check at the Tbilisi International Airport. In the Java Apartment in the Georgian capital, he was already expecting a “customer”, while in the interests of the investigation the “Sufian” is a 45 -year -old Iranian. By order of Sufiana, Amir Khan began to follow Izik Moshe daily. Together with the Iranian curator, they studied every step of the Israeli businessman, and also looked for a suitable place and time for the attack.

“I had two chances to do this, but I will not hide it, I could not kill a person with a knife, – Amir Khan said during interrogation.” I told “Sufian” about this, and he got me a gun. “

It is also known that among those involved in a disrupted attempt there is a woman. She helped terrorists collect intelligence information. According to the instructions received, Amir Khan was supposed to complete the task by November 7th.

Izik Moshe himself has not yet called for interrogation. He learned about the attempted attempt on him from Israeli President Yitzhak Duke, who was the first to call him when he learned about the conspiracy disclosed in Georgia against an influential Israeli.