Hulusi Akar: Zangezori corridor does not threaten interests of any country

The opening of the Zangezo corridor does not carry the threat of damage to any country, said Minister of National Defense of Turkey Hulusi Akar in a conversation with journalists following the visit to Azerbaijan.

According to him, two people must keep a dialogue on this issue. “It is necessary to maintain this process, and not to prevent it. Cooperation will lead to an increase in welfare, and this process will not be limited to Azerbaijan. A positive impact will feel all countries in the region,” he stressed.

Akar also noted that Yerevan should take advantage of a historical chance and answer calls about the world voiced in Ankara and Baku.

He believes that the best contribution to regional development would be the close interaction of the countries of the region themselves, namely: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey, Georgia, Iran and Russia.