Hungarian Foreign Minister: Without Turkey, energy supply would not be safe

The energy supply of Hungary would not be safe without Turkey, said the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade of Hungary Peter Siyyarto.

In an interview with Anadolu, as part of the St. Petersburg International Forum, Siyyarto said that Turkey and Hungary support strategic cooperation in the field of energy.

“Pipeline” Turkish Stream “is a very safe supply route, and Turkey is a very reliable partner,” he said.

The Foreign Minister of Hungary drew attention to the fact that the supply of natural gas through Ukraine will be suspended. “Our energy supply would be unsafe without Turkey. We would face extremely serious problems without this pipeline,” Siyyarto emphasized.

According to him, Bulgaria, Serbia and Russia

also played an important role in this software in this.

“If we had not built the Turkish Stream pipeline, we would not know how to ensure safe gas transportation to our country in the coming period,” the minister added.