I warned about danger of Indian syrups

The World Health Organization (WHO) released a warning about the danger of Indian syrups Ambronol and DOK-1 Max.

The manufacturer of both drugs is the company Marion Biotech, registered in the Indian state of Uttar-Pradesh. As noted in WHO, laboratory analysis of the samples of both products carried out by national laboratories of quality control of the Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan showed that they contain dietilen glycol and/or ethylene glycol as pollutants. Marion Biotech has not yet provided the security and quality of these products.

Both products may have registration certificates in other countries and spread through unofficial markets. It is important to identify and remove them from circulation so as not to harm patients, they said in a WHO.

In September-December last year, 19 deaths were recorded in Uzbekistan, the cause of which was indicated by the drug DOK-1 MACS production of the Indian pharmaceutical company Marion Biotech. All victims are children under the age of six.