Ideal of ideal mammadzade, which was cut by mother, is demanded to plant for 7 and half years

In the Baku court on serious crimes, the next lawsuit was held in the criminal case of the 15-year-old ideal Mammadzade, accused of killing his own mother.

According to haqqı, the prosecutor demanded to sentenced the teenager to 7 and a half years in prison.

It was later stated that the legal heiress of the victim, the grandmother of the ideal Mammadzade, sent a letter to the court, where she noted that she had no complaints to the accused and reconciled with him.

The court will continue on February 2.

Note that the murder occurred in April this year near the Neftrochlar metro station. The 37-year-old Ulvia Ismailova died at the scene from the stab wounds received. The murder was committed right in front of the video surveillance cameras of the local shopping center.