Ilham Aliyev about tensions in relations with Iran

Asha Foreign policy is open, transparent, stable and, as I said, independent. No other country may not affect the decisions of Azerbaijan. Decisions are accepted here in Baku, based on the national interests of the country. If someone tried to blame Azerbaijan in a relationship with another state, then these attempts turned out to be vain. This is the wrong way, and he will only lead to a dead end, “said the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev in an interview with the Italian newspaper La Repubblica, answering the question of tensions in relations with Iran.

According to the president, Azerbaijan wants to treat his borders with respect: “After the liberation of Karabakh, we went on our border with Armenia. We approached our border and entrenched there. The road between some cities of Armenia passes through the territory of Azerbaijan. We They saw that this road was used to illegally transport goods in Karabakh, to our territory. It is unacceptable. We demand that our borders treat with respect. We have not crossed illegally borders of any other country. So, our message was very simple – Enough! We are in a friendly form, without publicity, gave it to understand that it should be stopped. Because it is wrong. We control these roads and see what to deceive and say that “it did not make no sense.” Unfortunately, this warning is not responded properly. Then I had to make a second step. We have prepared a diplomatic note, invited the ambassador and betrayed the public one step to stop it. But actually it became E It’s worse – the number of trucks coming from Iran in Karabakh increased.