Ilham Aliyev: Armenians invented so many legends that they began to believe in their inventions

“… For decades, the Armenian community was poisoned, poisoned by the propaganda conducting the Armenian diaspora and Armenian nationalists. This is one of the reasons that they arranged in Azerbaijani cities and villages of Karabakh, as well as against Azerbaijanis. Armenians are educated. their children in the spirit of hatred for Turkey and Azerbaijan, ”said President Ilham Aliyev, speaking at the international conference“ along the Middle Corridor: geopolitics, security and economics. ”

According to the president, Turkophobia and Azerbaijanophobia became an ideology in Armenia: “They invented so many legends about their history and historical personalities that they began to believe in their inventions. The whole history of Armenia, all the main historical products of Armenia are false.”

The head of state also noted that “we will always be on the defense of our honor, independence and traditions. And we will never allow any foreign actor to impose our standards and will to our government and our people.”