Ilham Aliyev: Azerbaijan seeks to use renewable energy resources as much as possible

Azerbaijan is attractive not only for investment in fossil fuel, but also in renewable energy sources.

This is the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev in an interview with the Euronuis television channel. The text of the interview is given by the press service of the head of state on Saturday, June 22.

Aliyev noted that Azerbaijan earned for many years on fossil fuel, and now directs this wealth in renewable energy. “As a host country COP29, we also have to be among the leaders in the field of the“ green ”transition,” the president emphasized.

The president recalled that in October last year in Azerbaijan, they launched the first solar power station with a capacity of 230 megavatts, and today they held the tab of three solar and wind power plants with a total capacity of one gigavatts.

“And this is only the beginning, since we plan to implement all contracts and memorandums about mutual understanding. This means production of up to ten gigavatts of electricity in the medium term and up to five gigavatts – until 2030. This is our goal. There is potential here, there is, there is, And you can see what our sun, ambitions and wind are a good investment climate here, ”the head of state emphasized.

Speaking about the difficulties that the country’s traditional energy sector faces when the new green renewable energy is faced, the president attracted attention to the fact that any undertaking is full of uncertainty, but Azerbaijan has reliable partners.

“Masdar is our strategic partner. But among our investors also ACWA Power, BP and many other companies from different countries that plan to work with us. As they say, all the companies of the oil and gas industry in the alphabet. In the same field we are just starting Therefore, questions may arise about the national energy network, since we need to strengthen it so that it can absorb as much as investors It will not be needed as many renewable energy resources as we plan to produce, ”the head of state explained.

Therefore, the president, the goal of Azerbaijan continued to ensure export, as well as a very difficult approach to the maximum use of renewable energy resources for the production of electricity and saving natural gas, directing it to those who are now necessary, first of all, to Europe. P>

“Thus, there are many more questions that we need to work on. And I have no doubt that those of them that depend exclusively on our internal program of actions will be realized in full. And on the implementation of those that require Of course, we will need to work with our partners, ”the president added.