Ilham Aliyev: “Now situation is different, Zangezur corridor has acquired even greater importance”

“After the Second Karabakh war, Azerbaijan and Turkey advocated wide regional cooperation, including communication projects, not limited only to them. Therefore, we began to implement the” 3+3 “formula. This, in particular, said President Ilham Aliyev at the International Conference “Along the Middle Corridor: Geopolitics, Security and Economics”.

“Despite the fact that the situation after the war led to the creation of a united Turkish-Russian monitoring center in Agdam, which meant that these two countries would play a role in establishing a regional configuration; despite the fact that neither during the war, nor After it, we did not notice any action on the part of Iran’s representatives, we still advocated an inclusive scenario of interaction and invited Iran and Georgia. Georgia had a reservation – Georgian representatives said that they could not participate in the platform where Russia is. And Iran supported the initiative. We considered it a good sign, considered that we will finally gather together and consider important issues, including the issue of corridors …, ”the head of state noted.


Speaking about the significance of the Zangezur corridor, the President of Azerbaijan emphasized that this route is more responsible for the interests of Armenia, since Azerbaijan is already using the Baku -Tbilisi -Kars.


“When we advocated the opening of the Zangezur corridor, the war between Russia and Ukraine has not yet begun, and the traditional route from China to Europe has not yet been blocked. Now another situation, and the Zangezur corridor has acquired even more importance. It would become a win -win opportunity for all countries, since part of the railway route will run through Julfa to Iran, where the railway line connecting Azerbaijan with the Azerbaijani enclave – Nakhchivan. It would also allow Armenia to the corridor, providing the railway route between Armenia and Iran, which is not now and now It will not be, because to conduct a railway route through the underground tunnels on a section of the borders between Armenia and Iran will need at least 3-5 billion dollars. Who will invest such money in the project in this case? No one! Therefore, the only opportunity for Armenia to have a railway route in Iran is through Azerbaijan, the railway to Russia is also Cher ska Azerbaijan. The Zangezur corridor is more responsible for the interests of Armenia than our interests, because for communication with Turkey we use the Baku -Tbilisi -Kars, seaports in Georgia, and Iranian territory to communicate with Nakhchivan. Nakhchivan also borders on Turkey. We proposed the formula “3+3”, given all these advantages, ”said Ilham Aliyev.