Ilham Aliyev: number of Western countries made unreasonable accusations to Azerbaijan

After the anti -terrorist operation carried out by Azerbaijan in the Karabakh region of the Republic, some Western countries made unreasonable accusations against Azerbaijan.

This was stated by President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev.

“These accusations made against us have no reason. Because Azerbaijan, having carried out an anti -terrorist operation against separatists and invaders on its sovereign territory, again ensured the supremacy of international law and at the same time restored its sovereignty, observing, observing All humanitarian norms, ”said the Azerbaijani leader.

The Head of State noted that some Western countries and traditionally France are not going to put up with this, the head. “Although the international community already sees that even Armenia has come to terms with this situation, and the COP29 conference shows this again. However, some political leaders in France try to be more than Armenians than the Armenians themselves. But they will have to come to terms with this situation”, -Ilham Aliyev said.

According to the president, in some cases in the West, the “concept of the international world, the international community” is distorted in the West. “The international community is not 30-40 countries. The international community is all countries of the world, and these countries unanimously expressed their great support to Azerbaijan. This is not the first time,” the politician said.

He recalled that for four years, Azerbaijan successfully presides in the non -compulsory movement, and this chairmanship became possible thanks to the support of 120 countries. “Our chairmanship was even extended for one year. It was already an excellent indicator. 120 countries of the world expressed their support to Azerbaijan. This time all countries of the world expressed this support,” the head of state noted.