Ilham Aliyev: Today’s reality was formed after Second Karabakh War

Today’s reality was formed on the basis of the results achieved after the Second Karabakh war.

This was said by the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev on May 28 at a meeting with residents of the Lachinsky District, who was released from the Armenian occupation during the 44-day war.

“The second Karabakh war is our glorious history. Armenia still cannot heal the pain and wounds of this bitter defeat,” said the Azerbaijani leader.

According to him, after Armenia has already recognized the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, there are actually no serious obstacles to the peace treaty between Baku and Yerevan.

The head of state expressed confidence that the peace treaty may be signed in the near future if Armenia does not deceive again and does not change its position again. “If it is signed, it is very good, if it is not signed – in any case, the Azerbaijani state will not encounter any problem because of this, because it is we are a strong side, we have a strong position at the negotiation table, we have Strong positions on the border. Even without signing a peace treaty, we will live calmly and in conditions of security, ”the president of Azerbaijan emphasized.

Ilham Aliyev also said that the movement from Armenia to the Karabakh district of Azerbaijan and in the opposite direction is under full control.