Ilham Aliyev warned Armenia: “We monitor actions of revenge forces”

“After the war, the Azerbaijani army became even stronger, both from the point of view of supply and in terms of combat effectiveness. We will continue to take serious steps for the development of our army.” According to Azertaj, this was stated by President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev at a ceremony dedicated to the presentation of the military banner of the military unit of the commandos in Kelbajar.

“new contracts were signed for the purchase of the most modern weapons. These contracts are already being implemented, delivered to Azerbaijan, and new weapons and the most modern equipment will be delivered. Our positions on the border with Armenia will strengthen even more.

If, on the issue of determining the boundaries of Armenia, he again resorts to his tactics, try to tighten the time, then in the end he will regret it. We carefully monitor the actions of the revanchist forces that are trying to raise their heads in Armenia. Let them know this. At the top of this mountain, my words are written: “Iron Fist” on the spot, let no one forget about it, “said the president.

Ilham Aliyev recalled that the first military unit commando was opened six months ago in Gadrut. The second part opens in Kelbajar and is implied by the opening of new parts.

“Thousands of Azerbaijanis will serve in these military formations. It will strengthen our power even more,” the president said.