Ilham Aliyev wondered: so Armenia wants peace or war?

“Signed on November 10 last year – this is not just a ceasefire statement, as it would like to present some countries. This is a much larger document than a truce, because it is clearly indicated how events will develop in the future, as they will continue. ” As reported by AzerTaj, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said this today, taking credentials of the newly appointed ambassadors of the Republic of Guatemala, Ireland, the Republic of Albania, the Kingdom of Norway, the Republic of Montenegro, the Republic of Somalia, New Zealand, the Republic of Slovenia and the Danish kingdom.

The head of state stressed that this document provides the opening of communications, ensuring peacekeeping operations, it is a statement about future cooperation in the region.

“Therefore, this is not a document on the cease-fire, as some would like to submit. This is the basis for a peace agreement between Azerbaijan and Armenia. Unfortunately, our public statements about readiness to start negotiations on a peace agreement with Armenia remain unanswered by the government of this Countries. The Government of Armenia ignores our proposal to start negotiations on the delimitation of the state border with Armenia, supported by major international parties. We can not understand this. If Armenia wants the world, then we need a peace treaty. If Armenia wants war, she will get the same result As in the fall last year. If Armenia wants the world, they should start negotiations on delimitation. If they don’t do it, they will regret it. Thus, we are ready for a new stage of development in the Caucasus, we are ready for peace, and We demonstrate it. I am sure that during your future visits to Azerbaijan you will see that our words, statements and signature have the same prices. “The President of Azerbaijan stressed.