Ilham Aliyev wrote to Biden that relations with United States have risen to a new level

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev sent a congratulatory letter to US President Joe Biden on the occasion of Independence Day.

The letter says that Azerbaijan and the USA have been associated with friendly and partnerships for 30 years. From the first day, Azerbaijan has highly appreciated the support of the United States Independence, Sovereignty and Territorial integrity of our country.

“Mutual cooperation between our countries continues in a bilateral and multilateral plane. Our long -standing joint activities to ensure international security and combat terrorism causes satisfaction. Close cooperation of our countries in energy security matters, close participation and comprehensive support of the United States in our implemented Large -scale transnational projects are key factors of our success, ”the letter says.

The letter states that the cooperation between Azerbaijan and the USA, which today has risen to the level of strategic partnership in a number of important spheres, has created the conditions for expanding political ties. The cooperation of our countries in the field of energy, security and the fight against terrorism is exemplary in nature.

“At a time when favorable conditions are formed in the South Caucasus for the establishment of a sustainable world, economic progress, we believe that the United States can play an important role in normalizing Armenian-Azerbaijani relations, opening communications, establishing interpersonal contacts. At the same time, at the same time. Based on the five principles we have presented, we believe that the United States can make a valuable contribution to the process of preparing a peace treaty between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Mines laid down by Armenia in the liberated territories remain the biggest obstacle to restoration and restoration work. We appreciate the assistance of the United States in our country in clearance. We have high hopes for the support of your country in clarifying the fate of about 4,000 of our compatriots who have missed during the Armenian -Azerbaijani conflict, ”the letter said.