Illegal Armenian armed groups use animals to commit provocations

September 11, at about 08:30, illegal Armenian armed groups in Azerbaijan, where the Russian peacekeeping contingent (RMK) was temporarily deployed, made an attempt to commit a terrorist act against military personnel of the Azerbaijani army, carrying combat duty in Khojavevent, using the Kostykidze dog .

This is stated in the message of the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan.

“So, illegal Armenian armed formations, attaching a homemade (improvised) explosive device with remote control to the dog, forced the animal to move in the direction of our positions.

As a result of the vigilance of our military personnel, an attempt by Armenian armed groups was prevented to launch a home -made explosive device on our positions that climbed into our positions in order to expand the scale of the sabotage -terrorist act and to add even greater damage to the personnel, ”the report said.

Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Defense states that such an act violates the Convention’s protocol on the prohibition or restriction of specific types of ordinary weapons regarding the use of mines and other explosive devices: “We strongly condemn the similar provocation as an action that contradicts the Protocol on the prohibition or limiting the use of mines, mines -buts and other devices “attached to the” Convention on the prohibition or restriction of the use of specific types of conventional weapons, which can be considered causing excessive damage or having an indistinct effect “.

“The use of animals for terrorism is an immoral act. Azerbaijan qualifies this as a terrorist attack,” says the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan.