Imran Khan: Pakistan plunges into a civil war

The former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the country will plunge into a civil war if new elections are not declared, Bol News reports.

Khan said that he was waiting for the country’s Supreme Court to make a decision at the request of his party to provide protection to the protesters, after which he will set a date for the next protest with a demand for general elections.

“We will see whether they will allow us to go to the elections in legal and constitutional ways, otherwise the civil war will begin in the country,” he said.

We recall that Imran Khan was removed from power in April of this year as a result of a vote of mistrust, but refused to accept the result and accused the United States of involvement in the overthrow of his government. After this decision, Khan with supporters holds protests, as a result of which clashes with law enforcement agencies occur.