Imran Khan sends to Baku Minister to discuss situation in Afghanistan

“No country in this process can bypass Pakistan, because it was he who convinced the Afghan Taliban to enter the dialogue with the United States.” According to, this was stated by the Minister of the Interior of Pakistan Sheikh Rashid Ahmad, emphasizing the role of Islamabad “in providing peace” in Afghanistan.

Sheikh Rashid Ahmad noted that the role of Pakistan “in the process of establishing the world” in Afghanistan will be remembered for a long time.

“It was Pakistan played an important role in planting the” Taliban “at the negotiating table with the United States,” the Minister of the Interior stressed.

According to him, the Prime Minister Imran Khan also tried to convince Ashraf Gani from the country of the former President of Afghanistan to negotiate with the Taliban, but Ghani was not ready for them.

Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Muhammad Kureshi, in turn, said to journalists that a propaganda directed against the Taliban, which the Government of Ashraf Ghani turned out to be false. Since the Taliban, after he took the country under control, declared an universal amnesty, and also stated that he did not object to receiving education girls. “The whole world knows that the corrupt structure and system reigned in Afghanistan,” said Kureshi.

Kureshi added that now the countries of the world for the decision of Afghan problems turn to Pakistan because they consider it a responsible country. The Minister of Foreign Affairs also noted that, on the instructions of the Prime Minister of Imran Khan, he is preparing for visits to Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan and Iran to discuss the situation in Afghanistan.