Imran Khan threatens to capture Islamabad

The former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan during a rally on Thursday, May 26, gave the government of Shahbaz Sharif a six-day period for the dissolution of parliament and the announcement of new native elections, otherwise he promised to return to the capital “together with the people.”

Turning to the crowd of protesters, the khan said that raids and arrests against the opposition to suppress discontent would not lead to anything.

“The government has tried all the methods to suppress our march of freedom, they used tear gas against peaceful protesters, raids were made in our homes, and the inviolability of private life was broken, but I saw how the nation was freed from fear of slavery. My message the government – dissolve the parliament and announce the elections, otherwise I will return to Islamabad, ”the ex -Prime Minister said.

According to him, five protesters were killed during the clashes after the rally of his party.