Imran Khan told how he was overthrown

The former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan believes that the United States prime minister of the Islamic Republic was behind his shift from the post of prime minister, and a policy of Russia in February played an important role in this. He spoke about this in an interview with the British newspaper The Sunday Times, published on Sunday.

Khan said that the ambassador of Pakistan in Washington sent him a telegram about the results of a meeting with the assistant US Secretary of State for South and Central Asia Donaldu Lou on the eve of Votum about the trust in early April. According to the ambassador, Lou warned him that Pakistan would experience “consequences” if the khan was not dismissed. If this is done, then “everything will be forgiven,” the politician said.

Khan also said that the size of a bribe for voting against him “was $ 1 million.” At the same time, the former prime minister explained that he did not publish the text of the telegram immediately, since this would allow the enemies of Pakistan to hack the cipher with which it was transmitted.

The United States denied any participation in attempts to shift the khan. However, the publication gives the words of an unnamed Western diplomat, who said: “As I understand it, everything is possible in these places.”

“Over the past 40 years, our leadership has practically worshiped everything that the United States demanded to do from us,” Khan said. As stated in the article, in the struggle for his political return, the former prime minister makes a bet on condemning the interference of the United States in the affairs of the country and “imperial arrogance”.