In Armenia, they are unhappy with results of visit of speaker of French parliament

The authorities casually organized the visit of the French delegation, led by the chairman of the National Assembly of France, Yael Brown-Pive in Armenia. So believes political scientist Suren Surenants.

During a press conference in Yerevan, Yael Brown-Pive said that Paris was not planning to impose sanctions against Baku and is not going to recognize the “independence of Karabakh”, since France is guided by international law.

“As a result, during a visit to Yerevan, statements were made that can be used more in the foreign policy arsenal of our enemy than in ours. This is a matter of the quality of our diplomacy, foreign policy. They say that the West is ready to support us in safety matters, demonize us. The image of Russia and present the West in the image of the Savior. And in the context of the visit of Mrs. Spiker and the statements voiced by her, we saw that we were dealing with a false agenda developed by our “court prostraters,” Surenants said.

According to the Armenian political scientist, as a result, a certain anti -French precipitate will appear in society, because there have always been special relations between Armenia and France. Surenants also accused Armenia’s leadership that all the time anti-Russian sentiments, then the mood against some other country.