In Azerbaijan, they began to read less: experts urge to change situation

At the Azerbaijan State Economic University (UNEC) as part of an event plan dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the national leader Heydar Aliyev, an event called “Reading Culture” was held. It was attended by deputies, scientists, writers, public figures.

UNEC Rector Professor Adalat Muradov said that, as part of the Heydar Aliyev year, various events related to this topic will be held. The goal is to increase the interest of youth in reading and the formation of a culture of reading books. According to Muradov, in recent years, interest in books has decreased in society, he urged to change the situation.

Adil Abdullaeva, director of the UNEC information and bibliocratic center, said that an action plan for “reading culture” has already been determined. She regretfully noted a decrease in interest in reading in Azerbaijan. For example, a resident of India devotes 10 hours 42 minutes per week, Thailand – 9 hours 24 minutes, China – 8 hours. Azerbaijan is not included in the top 20.

The event noted that there are 5 libraries at the university, one of which works around the clock. Over the past 4 years, the book fund has increased by 7 percent. The use of the traditional library increased by 84 percent, the use of an electronic library – by 47 percent, the circulation of books – by 190 percent.

The participants in the event took part in discussions, gave their recommendations on the formation of a reading culture. It was reported that the events will be held throughout the year.