In Azerbaijani Karabakh, truck was blown up by mine, two people were killed

Two Azerbaijanis were blown up by a mine laid down by members of illegal armed groups in Karabakh. This was reported on Tuesday in the State Security Service of the Republic.

The department noted that on the night of September 19, on the 58th kilometer of the Ahmedbei-violet-Shusha road, passing through the territory of the Khojavender district, the truck of the State Road Agency (Azeravtoyol) was blown up by an anti-tank mine laid down sabotage and sabotage subversive group of the Armed Forces of Armenia.

It is specified that as a result of the incident, two employees of the Azravtoyol agency died.

In the Main Investigative Department of the State Security Service of Azerbaijan, a criminal case has been instituted.