In Baku are judged by research doctors

A court hearing was held in the criminal case of the head of the Narvings Rehabilitation Center of the New Life Office Aligidarov and other employees of the institution: Elvusala Huseynov, the name of Rzaev, Sarkhan Aliyev and Ganbara Gasanov. All of them are accused of torture and illegal imprisonment of patients.

The rehabilitation center itself is located in the Baggar massif of the village of Novkhany.

The accused was charged under Articles 133 (torture), 145 (illegal imprisonment) of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan.

During the investigation, it turned out that the rehabilitation center was registered, but worked without a license. For this reason, the accused Offersi Aligadarov, Elvusal Huseynov and the name Rzayev also charged under article 192 (illegal entrepreneurship).

From the materials of the criminal case, it also turned out that each of the patients underwent treatment in the center paid his tormentors solid money – from 1,500 to 6500 manat.

In the process of rehabilitation, the “12 steps” program was used, which is used in the world in the treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism. Patients who did not obey the rules and orders of the center were subjected to violence. For example, one of the patients, Huseyn Mammadov, beat the center’s employees and held it with tied hands for trying to flee. The next day, his condition worsened. Although Mamedov was urgently taken to the hospital, it was not possible to save his life.

Although the materials of the criminal case states that the state of Mammadov worsened as a result of torture, the documents also indicate that he died of an overdose of drugs.

Three more people – Fuad Hasanov, Kamran Aliyev and Jahangir Aliyev were recognized as victims in the criminal case.

All defendants rejected the charges against them. Infazli Heydarov, in particular, said that his father – Rafik Mammadov asked for Huseyn Mammadov for treatment in the center: “And on September 4 last year, one of the employees called and said that Huseyn’s condition was unsatisfactory. I ordered the doctor to send the doctor to the center. When I was when I was On the way, they called me and said that Huseyn died. The investigator said that Huseyn died of drugs. I said that this could not be. Even today I was interested in where Huseyn got drugs? “


The state prosecutor said that the forensic medical examination discovered drugs in the blood of Mamedov, but at the same time it was found that he was tied and suspended.

Heydarov said that he did not give such instructions to the staff.

“If my son died of drugs, then why didn’t you intervene in time? Then my son would have survived,” said the father of the deceased, Rafik Mammadov.

The victim also said that his son stayed in the center for 55 days, and during this time they only could talk twice on the phone. He also said that many injuries were discovered on his son’s body.

“Do not tell me, my son died of drugs. He was tortured, broke his hand. I found out that my son was kept in handcuffs for 13 hours.”

The trial will continue on October 25th.