In Baku it will be rainy

Weather forecast in Azerbaijan on February 2.

As stated in the National Hydrometeorology Service of the Ministry of Ecology and the Natural Resources of Azerbaijan, cloudy weather will prevail in Baku and on the Apheron Peninsula tomorrow, and rain is expected during the day. In the morning, the fog, the southeastern wind in the evening will be replaced by moderate northwest.

Air temperature will be 4-6 ° at night, during the day-6-9 ° C. Atmospheric pressure will increase from 758 mm to 762 mm Hg, relative humidity will be 70-80%.

In the areas of Azerbaijan, precipitation, snow are expected in places. In the evening, precipitation will take an intense character. In some areas, fog, strengthening of the western wind.

Air temperature will be 0-5 ° C.TAPA at night, during the day- 6-9 ° City, at night in the mountains of 10-15 ° Frost, during the day- 0-5 ° Frost.

at night and in the morning on the roads of mountainous areas, ice is expected.