In Baku, they called up head of Foreign Ministry

Spokeswoman for the Azerbaijani Ministry of Foreign Affairs Aihan Gadjizade called on the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Gabrielus Landsbergis not to be kept on a false Armenian propaganda.

“Mr. Minister of Landsbergis, it would be good if you had not been conducted on a false Armenian propaganda. The Armenian side abused the Lachinsky road over the past three years,” Gajizade said, commenting on the publication of the Lithuanian minister on the social network.

He recalled that Azerbaijan, in order to prevent malicious actions of Armenia, created a border checkpoint in the Lachina, and also proposed to use the Agdam-Khandi road for transportation.

“Meanwhile, by the decision of the International Court of July 6, Armenia’s request was unanimously rejected to close the checkpoint. Azerbaijan simplifies the transportation of Armenian residents in both directions. It would be more appropriate to call Armenia to a more constructive approach instead of undermining the peace process,” he said .