In Belgorod region of Russian Federation, 6 people were killed during attack of drones, dozens were injured

Six people died, 35 were injured in the attack of drones in the Borisov district of the Belgorod region.

About this on Monday, on May 6, the Governor of the Belgorod Region Vyacheslav Gladkov reported.

The head of the region wrote in a telegram channel that in the area of ​​the village of Berezovka, the attack of Dronov-Kamikadze was subjected to two Gazeli moving along the road, who brought the enterprise employees to work, as well as a passenger car.

“Unfortunately, as a result of the explosion, six people died on the spot from injuries. According to preliminary information, 35 people were injured, of which two children with surface injuries. A man in serious condition with a penetrating wound of the abdominal cavity is currently undergoing an operation “,- said Gladkov.

The remaining victims with fragmentation wounds of varying severity of the ambulance brigades were delivered to medical institutions of the region, the necessary assistance is provided to everyone, he said.

Gladkov expressed condolences to the relatives and friends of the dead inhabitants. “All operational services work on the spot. Information is specified,” he said.

The head of the Belgorod region assigned the responsibility for the attack on the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In mid -March, the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky “promised” to deliver new blows to Russia. The Ukrainian leader wrote in a telegram channel that he discussed new blows to Russia with military leadership.

According to him, the meeting defined “the most vulnerable places.” The politician said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will strike with the “greatest damage”.

The Head of State noted that the capabilities of the country for the production of high-tech drones were also discussed with representatives of the Cabinet of Ministers and the military-industrial complex of Ukraine.

Zelensky emphasized that the republic has such weapons, but it “should become more long -range, mass and powerful.” “The more the Russian state will lose and the larger the price of its aggression, the closer the fair completion of this war will be,” the President of Ukraine emphasized.