In Britain, they gave advice to Ukraine

Ukrainian troops must continue the offensive in winter and maintain the pace of rapid attacks on Russian forces during the winter. Such advice was given to Ukrainians by the Minister of Defense of Great Britain Ben Wallace in an interview with the Daily Beast.

“taking into account the advantage that Ukrainians have in the preparation, equipment and quality of combat composition against demoralized, poorly trained, poorly equipped Russians, in the interests of Ukraine to maintain pace in winter. They have 300 thousand units of Arctic combat equipment received from the international community” – said the head of the British defense department.

Ben Wallace noted that the Ukrainians surprised the whole world, demonstrating their own courage and skill, as well as huge flaws in the Russian armed forces.

” Recently, the Russian unit was deployed without food and socks and with a small amount of weapons. This is a disaster for a person who goes on the battlefield … They send them to a meat grinder and use a huge amount of artillery. Only a country that does not care about their people can send 100 thousand of their people so that they are either dead or wounded or deserted, ”the minister added.