In capital of Sudan there are fierce battles

In the capital of Sudan Hartum, where clashes between the army and the rapid response forces (SBR) continue, there are strong destruction.

In the pictures distributed on social networks, it is clear that from the buildings of the Ministry of Justice, the Sudanese organization of standards and metrology related to the office of the Prime Minister, and the Nile Oil Company oil company, dense smoke rises.

Over the past month, in the center of Hartum, where government buildings, banks and universities are located, clashes between the army and the SBR have become more frequent.

according to local press reports, yesterday SBR organized powerful attacks on the main command of the army in Hartum, a signaling corps in Bakhri and headquarters of the Union of Engineers in Omduurman.

Army representatives reported that all attacks were repelled. SBR suffered heavy losses. According to information from army sources, among the attacking dozens of killed and wounded.