In case of sanctions: 50 tons of dollars were brought to Russia

Financial analysts told about record-wide import currency by Russian banks in the Russian Federation. According to their calculations, currency for $ 4.97 billion are imported, Russian “Izvestia” report.

According to experts, Russian credit organizations are afraid of Western sanctions that can provoke difficulties in non-cash calculations.

The average importance is about two billion monthly, respectively, the volume increased by 2.5 times. The weight of $ 4.97 billion of hundred dollar bills is 50 tons. It is noted that more cash imported only at the end of March 2020 on the background of a pandemic and during the 2014 crisis.

Specialists recalled that against the background of the exacerbation of the situation in the east of Ukraine, the West threatens to turn off Russia from the International SWIFT payment system, close access to the funds of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and restrict access to financial markets in largest credit organizations.