In Davos, they discussed strengthening of partnership of Moldova with EU countries

Prime Minister of Moldova Dorin Republic held a number of meetings with colleagues from the countries participating in the European Union on the fields of the World Economic Forum (VEF) in Davos.

According to Moldipress, the strengthening of the trade and economic relations of the Republic of Moldova with the countries-Es, as well as the topic of European integration of Moldova, was discussed.

In particular, during a meeting with the Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte, the head of the Moldovan Cabinet of Ministers noted that Chisinau continues to continue to implement reforms in the field of justice and economic development. Richan thanked his colleague for the support provided in the decision to start negotiations on the entry of Moldova in the EU.

The heads of government of the Netherlands and Moldova also discussed economic relations between the two countries, noting the potential for growth, especially in the field of information technology, transport and production of renewable energy.

“The Netherlands for many years have been an important partner of the Republic of Moldova on our European path. We continue to rely on the support of the Dutch authorities and are open to build up bilateral cooperation in the trade and economic sphere between our states,” said Dorin Republic.

The head of the Moldavian Cabinet of Ministers met with the Croatian colleague Andrei Pedkovich. The possibilities of adopting the experience of Croatia in the process of joining the European Union were discussed, the dynamism of the political dialogue between the two countries was noted.

The interlocutors considered joint projects in the social sphere and exchanged views on the possibilities of activating the Moldovan-Corvian dialogue in areas representing mutual interest.

In addition, in the fields of the WEF Dorin Republic met with his colleague from Liechtenstein Daniel Riche. Officials noted the dynamism of the dialogue between the two countries, especially after the signing of the Free Trade Agreement with the European Free Trade Association East.

last year.

The head of the Moldavian Cabinet of Ministers thanked Daniel Riche for the help of education in the amount of more than 11 million euros proposed as part of Lichtenstein Government Development programs.

A conversation with the chairman of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina Boryana Krishto also took place. The interlocutors affected the possibilities of strengthening a bilateral political dialogue to study common interests, mainly in relation to the European perspective.

A total agenda was also agreed on the acceleration of the negotiation process according to agreements in the social, customs and transport spheres.