In Europe, they stated that they took all measures, talk negotiations and with Azerbaijan

The European Union has provided measures to help European countries to cope with a partial cessation of gas imports from Russia, the chairman of the European Commission of Ursula von der Layen said to journalists.

“Our models in case of a partial violation or further reduction in gas supply” Gazprom “now show that we are now rather in a safe situation,” she said.

von der Lyien added that the EU discussed with the United States, Qatar, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Nigeria and South Korea, questions of a possible increase in supplies of both liquefied (LNG) and natural gas.

“We also talked with the main suppliers of LNG, asked if it would be possible to forward delivery in favor of the EU,” the head of the European Commission said.

Politician stated that these efforts bring fruit, recalling the decision of Japan, which stated last week, which will redirect part of LNG batches to Europe in response to the requests of the EU and the USA.

von der Lyien said that the development of the European energy infrastructure in recent years has made it possible to improve the distribution of gas and electricity between countries, but the complete cessation of Russian gas supplies will still require additional measures.