In Finland they promised to “fight in same way as in Ukraine”

The Finland Army is ready to wage the same war that is now in Ukraine, ”said General Timo Kivinen.

“We have significant defensive capabilities to wage a war that is now in Ukraine,” Kivinen said.

according to his assessment, Finland has currently “the largest firepower in Europe” per capita.

He also admitted that he was disappointed that his country had not yet joined NATO. “We are already carrying out military criteria for membership and our defense costs amount to 2% of GDP,” Kivinen noted.

The head of the Armed Forces of Finland noted that the country has more artillery than that of France and Germany combined and in the event of an armed conflict it can mobilize up to 280 thousand soldiers.

Earlier, Timo Kivinen said that Finland has been preparing for the hypothetical attack of Russia for decades and will have strict resistance, if it occurs. He is sure that Finland in the event of a direct collision with Russia will become a “strong nut”.

In May 2022, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg accepted the applications of Finland and Sweden to join NATO. Meanwhile, Turkey blocked the beginning of negotiations, putting forward several conditions of Sweden and Finland.