In fire in city of Mankaf in Kuwait, 39 people died

As a result of a fire in the city of Mankaf, El-Ahmadi Province in the south of Kuwait died 39 people, reports many wounded.

According to the representative of the Kuwait Ministry of Internal Affairs, the brigade-general Id Rashid Uvekhan, the message about the fire received about 06.00 local time.

According to preliminary data, as a result of a fire in two buildings in Mankaf, 35 people were killed, four of the 15 wounded ones died in the hospital, he noted.

Civil defense brigades managed to save 11 people, the brigade general noted. According to him, in most cases, death was caused by suffocation from smoke.

The causes of the fire are established. Local media report that there were many workers of foreign origin in the buildings where the fire broke out.