In France, they considered “discriminatory” decision to reduce state support for Muslim lyceums

The opposition in France stated that the termination of the state contract with the Lyceum of the Averroes (Ibni Ryuchd), one of the leading educational institutions in the country where students – Muslims receive education, is “anti -Islamic” and “discriminatory” solution.

As the French edition of Le Figaro writes, the member of the opposition party “Innocent France” (LFI) Paul Vannya condemned the cessation of state support to the Lyceum Averroes.

Vannya noted that the decision made by the Governor of the French region Oh de Franes against Lyceum in Lille was not implemented in relation to other private lyceums.

“On the face shocking a double standard. If there is something that needs to be fixed in this lyceum, then this should be fixed,” he said.

Earlier, the administration of the governor of the French region o -de -France decided to terminate the state contract with the private lyceum of the Averrons.

The regional authorities explained this decision by the fact that the training provided to the Lyceum “does not fully comply with” the expectations of the curriculum of the Ministry of National Education of France in terms of “source and content”.

The Lyceum began working in 2003 and was the first to open its doors for Muslims, who could not go to other educational institutions due to wearing shawls.

Along with the lyceum, in which the number of students increased in several years, the Averroes secondary school began to work in 2012. Today, more than 800 students study in high school and lyceum.