In French Lyon, protest was held against extreme right

In various cities of France, including Lyon, protests were held against the extreme right, which received the majority in the elections in the European Parliament.

about 10 thousand protesters gathered on Marshal Lyoti Square in Lyon on the call of trade unions.

The reaction against the growth of the extreme right continues in the country that entered the early elections with the dissolution of President Emmanuel Macron Parliament after the extreme right -hand Party of National Unity took first place in the European Parliament with a large margin, gaining 31.37 votes.

more than 600 thousand people took part in demonstrations all over the country on weekends in protest against the extreme right forces.

In the Elector in the European Parliament in France, the Party of National Unity took first place with a large margin of 31.37 percent of the vote, and the President of President Macron Ryonesans took second place from 14.60 percent. After the announcement of the results, Macron said that he decided to dissolve the parliament and appoint early elections on June 30 – July 7.