In Georgia, they were released from prison of opposition leader

By the decision of the Tbilisi City Court, the Chairman of the Opposition Party “United National Movement” Nikanor Melia on Monday was released from a preliminary conclusion on the basis of the European EUROPEAN ENDOWMENT FOR DEMOCRACY Foundation in the amount of 40 thousand lari (about $ 12 thousand – IF) reported Georgian media.

Activists of the Common National Movement Party after a court decision await the exit of Melia in prison in the city of Rustavi.

Melia was detained at the office of his party on February 23 in the case of riots in Tbilisi on June 20, 2019, when hundreds of opposition supporters tried to break into the parliament building. The prosecutor’s office accuses him of organizing and participating in these riots.

The exemption from the preliminary conclusion of Melia was one of the conditions signed on April 19 by the authorities and the opposition of an agreement on stabilizing the political situation in the country, which was prepared by the Chairman of the European Council by Charl Mishele.

Melia refused to pay a deposit and demanded his liberation without any conditions, as he considered his detention by political persecution by the authorities.

In the signed document, the opposition and authorities agreed on the adoption of an amnesty law for all persons against whom criminal cases on unrest in 2019 in Tbilisi. Amnesty must be approved by Parliament in the coming weeks, and it concerns Melia.