In Germany, they stated that in next six months “Northern Stream-2” will not be launched

The Russian gas pipeline “Northern Stream-2” will not start working at least in the next six months, follows from the last statement by the head of the Federal Network Agency Germany.

According to the German business newspaper HandelsBlatt, the head of the German Federal Network Agency Johen Homann announced today that in the first half of 2022, the decision on the certification of “Northern Flow-2” will not be taken.

The head of the German regulator of the energy infrastructure recalled that the operator of the gas pipeline, Nord Stream AG, as it should be under the law, began the process of registering the German subsidiary, which will manage the second queue of the “Northern Flow”. “They announced it, and we interrupted the certification process … as soon as we receive documents, the countdown of the test will begin again,” said Homanne, reports BBC.

Then, according to him, the question will be transferred to the European Commission, which will also need a lot of time to check “SP-2” and its operators for compliance with the rules of the European Union.

The statement of Khomanna sounded at the time when a new exacerbation occurred in Russian-German relations because of the sentence of Russian Vadim Krasikov (Sokolov), who shot a daylight in broad daylight in the center of Berlin, a citizen of Georgia, Chechen Zelimhan Khangoshvili, notes BBC. The Berlin court confirmed that the murder was organized by the authorities of Russia, and German Foreign Ministry sent two Russian diplomats on the same day. The Russian Foreign Ministry promised to respond to the expulsion of Russian diplomats, who, according to his statement, are not involved in the murder of Hangoshvili.