In Germany, they stated threat of a new Caribbean crisis

The leading German newspaper Welt fears the emergence of a new confrontation between the West and Russia at the level of the Caribbean crisis, but now on the eastern border of the EU.

As the publication writes, the situation is now reminded of a situation at the turn of the 1950s and 1960s, when the confrontation between the Soviet Union and the countries of the West has reached a maximum. At the same time, as the edition notes, there was a crisis in relations between Beijing and Taiwan.

However, now the situation is more dangerous, it believes Welt. According to US President Joe Bayiden, the main struggle of the 21st century unfolds between democracies and autocratries, to which he belongs to Russia and China, on the other hand, the newspaper celebrates, meeting the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Sergey Lavrov, with Chinese colleague, showed the unity of Moscow and Beijing, especially – In the face of the US projects, reaching a contrary to the UN Charter.

Against this background, the situation with Ukraine is exacerbated, and Beijing tightens rhetoric in relations with Taiwan. At the same time, unlike the middle of the 20th century, China is no longer inferior on the power of Taiwan, and the goal of Russia is more serious than the one that was at the USSR, – as soon as possible, as soon as possible, the price of the further expansion of NATO, writes Welt.

“Today, all parties are tuned seriously. At least Putin and Biden believe that every step will determine the future for decades,” says the publication.

In the worst case, WELT warns, the exacerbation around Ukraine will turn into a new Caribbean crisis, a nuclear confrontation of the superpower, only not for distant caribbeans, but on the eastern border of the EU, “no one wants it.”

In turn, Süddeutsche Zeitung notes that if the fighting in Ukraine will flash in the coming weeks, it will plunge Europe into the most severe crisis over the past decades.