In Greece 16th day, forest fires are raging

Forest fires, which last in the Greek region, Evros, cannot be taken under control for the 16th day.

Due to fires in the forest near Kavajyk (Lefkhkim) and Cooyeri (Provaton), the village of Kavajyk is evacuated.

According to the Emergency Situations Department of the Copernicus of the European Union (EU), the area of ​​the burned -out territories in the Evros region, including Dedeaagadzh (Alexander Polyis), exceeded 935 thousand hectares.

On the other hand, the Minister for Climate Crisis and Civil Protection Vasilis Kikilias warned all the municipalities about the need to be prepared for the danger of floods, since, according to the forecasts of the meteorological department of Greece, the next week throughout the country is expected rains.

Due to the high probability of floods in areas where forests burn, Kikilias demanded to strengthen measures, especially in these regions.