In Greece, they solve problem of homeless animals

According to the law adopted in Greece in 2021, the care of homeless animals is assigned to the country’s municipalities, but volunteer organizations continue to take care of animals.

Anadolu Agency prepared a third dossier called “Homeless Animals in Europe”, which provides practical decisions and legal norms implemented in Greece in relation to homeless animals.

In accordance with the legislation of Greece, care for homeless animals is assigned to municipalities, which, after vaccinating and treatment, send them to a shelter where animals undergo the castration procedure. If for a certain time the animal does not have a new owner, he is returned to the natural habitat.

In an interview with Anadol, the representative of the municipality of the city of Athens Serafin Avramide said that the law on the protection of pets adopted by the country’s parliament in 2021 includes many practices in relation to homeless animals, and the responsibility for them is assigned to municipalities subordinate Ministry of Internal Affairs.

According to her, within the framework of the adopted law, information about each animal will be recorded in electronic format.

“Each domestic animal will have its own digital card of health, which will contain all the information about his health. All homeless animals will be registered in the zoostal associations and veterinary clinics,” she said.

Avramida noted that in the framework of the new law, the sterilization of pets will become mandatory. “The animal can have offspring only once and only after all the necessary information is received about its owner,” she said.

Meanwhile, the head of the Greek Federation of animal lovers Irini Molfesi reported that with the adoption of the Law in 2021, cooperation with associations of animal lovers is carried out at the request of municipalities, since responsibility for stray animals is in the field of these structures.

Multifesi noted that animal associations do not receive public funds and provide all services at their own expense with the assistance of volunteers.

According to her, the number of homeless animals in Greece is very large, in particular dogs in rural areas.

“Sterilization of animals is the only solution that ensures control over the propagation of animals,” says Multesi.