In India, they demand to arrest a representative of ruling party

Muslim protest, due to scandalous comments on the Prophet Muhammad, the official representative of the ruling in India “Bharatiya Dzhanat Party” (BDP) Nipur Sharma took place on Friday in New Delhi, the agency PTI.


According to information, hundreds of protesters gathered after Friday prayer in the old part of New Delhi at the largest Jama Masjit mosque in South Asia. Participants in the action sharply condemned Sharma’s statements and demanded from the authorities her arrest. The police controlled the situation and did not commit violations of the law.

The insult of the Prophet Muhammad caused the protests of Muslims in the Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir in the north of India. To prevent clashes on the religious grounds, the regional authorities turned off the Internet in the city of Bhaterma and introduced there the action of commandant. Internet services are also terminated in the capital of the territory – Srinagare. Earlier, the official representative of the ruling in India, “Bhaatia, Dzhanat Party” (BDP) Nipur Sharma during television tanks on national television made statements that Muslims regarded as an insult to the Prophet Muhammad. Her words were protected by many Muslim states, including Jordan, Kuwait, the UAE, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and other countries.