In Iran successfully experienced their own vaccine

Iran on Wednesday announced a successful test on the people of his own vaccine from the Coronavirus “Fakhra”, named after the leading Iranian athletic physicist died in the last year, Moxhen Fahrizade. As a volunteer for testing the drug, the son of a scientist spoke, the IRNA agency reported.

In March, the first clinical trials of this drug, developed at the Center for Research at the Iranian Ministry of Defense, which was headed by Fahrizade. He was killed on November 27 last year in Tehran province.

In Iran, several coronavirus has been developed in Iran. At the end of April, the third (final) phase of tests of the drug Cov Iran Barakat began. According to the head of the Scientific Committee of the National Headquarters to Combat Coronavirus Dr. Mostafa Ganei, this vaccine can be approved for use in May, and other drugs of their own development – in another 2-3 months.