In Iran, they stated that they are ready to share with Libayan oil

As previously reported, the Hezbollah leader Sheikha Hassan Nasrulylah promised to overcome the fuel crisis in Lebanon thanks to the supplies of Iranian oil products from Iran. According to Narulala, another Iranian tanker is preparing to the Lebanese coast (on August 19, the Iranian vessel with fuel oil was headed towards Lebanon). The leader “Hezbollah” said that the organization does not seek to “replace the Lebanese State or Oil Company. We do not compete with anyone, our goal is to assist all Lebanese districts, all communities and groups of the population, and not just shiites.”

And today it became known that Iran is ready to send more fuel to Lebanon. “We sell our oil and petroleum products, taking our own decisions and taking into account our friend’s needs,” said the spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry Said Hatibzade. – Iran is ready to send Lebanon fuel again, if there is a need. We are not ready to calmly look at the suffering of the Lebanese people. “.

At the same time, Hachibzade noted that oil supplies to Lebanon are carried out within the framework of ordinary Iranian trade transactions.