In Iran, they talked about stem of cooperation of Ankara and Tehran

“The fight against terrorism and organized crime can be a rod of cooperation Tehran and Ankara, and Iran is ready to develop interaction in this area,” said Iran Ebraim Raisi President at a meeting with the head of Turkey’s head with Mevlyut Chavushoglu in Tehran, reports Anadolu.

According to him, Iran and Turkey should be prepared to raise relations from the current plank to the level of comprehensive cooperation.

Raisi stressed that the conclusion of a memorandum of long-term cooperation between Iran and Turkey could contribute to the conclusion of bilateral relations to the level of international cooperation.

“Regional cooperation between the two countries should be transformed into international cooperation, and this type of interaction can be effective in global matters, given the important position of the two countries,” said the Iranian president.

He noted that the close relationship between Iran and Turkey serve the interests of peace and stability in the region.

Politician also noted that “Iran has deep and old religious and cultural ties with Azerbaijan and Turkey.”