In Iran threatened West

Iran’s Foreign Ministry criticized the resolution of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), urging Tehran to cooperate as part of the investigation around the detection of traces of uranium in three undeclared objects, calling it an “illogical and destructive” measure, reports Iranian press. >

According to the representative of the Iran Nasser, the Cannes, Tehran warned the Western countries about the consequences of such a step. “The resolution was approved despite the fact that Iran conducts the most transparent peaceful nuclear program in the world, when compared with other countries that are under the supervision of the IAEA,” he said.

Ganves added that the resolution was promoted by the United States and three European countries to “increase the pressure on Iran.”

It was previously reported that the Council of Governing IAEA adopted a resolution prescribing Iran to cooperate with the investigation around the detection of traces of Uranus in three undeclared objects.