In Israel, they made a loud statement: “The one who threatens us will be destroyed”

Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid and Minister of Defense Beni Ganz spoke on the evening of August 5 at a joint press conference on the dawn in gas.

Israeli “details” write that Yair Lapid said that the Israeli defense army decided to attack Gaza due to the threat of terrorist attacks from the Islamic Jihad. The Prime Minister added that “the policy of this government is the absolute intolerance of the firing of Israeli citizens. We are not accepted by any ultimatums regarding the actions of the IDF and the security forces and in other areas. Everyone who needs to be arrested will be arrested. Everyone who will try To harm the civilian population and soldiers will receive a tough answer. Israel does not want a war in Gaza, but is not afraid of it. “

“I trust the Israeli public, I am sure that she will support the operation. It will take as much time as it takes – but we will eliminate the threat,” Lapid said.

At the same time, the Minister of Defense Beni Hanz said that the purpose of the operation is to prevent terrorist attacks against the Israelis. “Our policy is clear: the one who threatens will be destroyed,” he said.

According to Ganz, the leaders of the Islamic Jihad are responsible for the damage and security of the residents of Gaza.