In Italy to work only on a COVID passport

From October 15, all Italians will only work if there is a COVID passport – a document confirming the absence of coronavirus or the presence of immunity to it. The corresponding decree adopted the Government of Italy, reports Corriere Della Sera.

Covid passport, or Green Pass (“Green Pass”), can be obtained in three ways: by granting coronavirus, providing a certificate of a recently transferred COVID-19 or a negative Coronavirus test. The result of the test is valid for 72 hours, and it is possible to make it only to those who are contraindicated vaccination.

workers who, after October 15, will not provide a COVID passport, removed from work without salary salary. Those who continue to work without Green Pass threatens a fine of from 600 to 1500 euros, follows from the text of the decree published by Corriere Della Sera.

According to the Italian government estimates, these measures will affect 23 million people in Italy. At the same time, about 75% of Italians aged 12 years have already made vaccinations.

Measures taken in Italy against COVID passports are one of the toughest in Europe. Earlier in the country Green Pass already made mandatory when traveling on airplanes, trains, ferries, interregional buses, when visiting pools, gyms, cinemas, stadiums, theaters. In addition, this week “Green Pass” has become mandatory for Italian teachers.