In Karakas, they discussed increase in Russian-Venesuel strategic partnership

, as part of a visit to Venezuela, the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was adopted by the president of this country Nicholas Maduro, and also held thorough negotiations with the executive vice president of the Rodriguez and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivan Hille. This is stated in the message of the Russian Foreign Ministry, posted on the site on Wednesday, February 21.

Lavrov visited Venezuela as part of the countries of Latin America.

“During the exchange of views that took place in a traditionally friendly atmosphere, the parties expressed satisfaction with the dynamic development of the Russian-Venesuel strategic partnership. They discussed practical aspects of building cooperation in the trade, economic, technical and cultural and humanitarian spheres, as well as relevant topics of the international and the regional agenda, ”the statement said.

The Russian Foreign Ministry also stated “a high level of foreign policy coordination, including close interaction within the framework of the Group of Friends in Protecting the UN Charter.” The parties emphasized the constant commitment to the norms and principles of international law, the willingness to work together in favor of the formation of a more fair polycentric world order in order to maintain the purpose of maintaining global safety and stability. Condemned the practice of applying unilateral restrictive measures as a pressure instrument for sovereign states, ”the statement says.

The Russian side expressed firm support for the efforts of the Maduro government to stabilize the internal situation, taking into account the upcoming presidential elections in Venezuela.

In the morning, February 21, the Russian Foreign Minister arrived at the final point of the working tour of the countries of Latin America – Brazil, where a two -day meeting of the heads of the Foreign Ministry G20 will be held.