In Kazakhstan, they discussed prospects for development of Kazakh-Togolez Partnership

Kazakhstan is interested in strengthening ties from that and considers this country as an important partner in Africa. This was stated by the President of Kazakhstan Kasym-Zhomart Tokaev at a meeting with the President of the Republic of Tom lactic, the Internet of Esshozimnia Gnassingbe, who arrived in the country on an official visit.

The leader of Kazakhstan noted that despite the geographical remoteness, both countries have much in common, in particular, they are distinguished by multi -confessional and polyetonic composition.

“more than 100 ethnic groups live in Kazakhstan. The development of interfaith and inter -religious dialogue is one of the priority areas of our state policy,” Tokaev said, the words of which are quoted by the press service of the Kazakh leader.

According to Kasim-Zhomart Tokayev, in the partnership between Kazakhstan there is a large undisclosed potential and for its development it is necessary to sign bilateral documents, including an agreement on mutual protection of investments.

recognizing the importance of developing bilateral trade and strengthening the connections between business circles, the President of Kazakhstan proposed determining the right candidate for the position of honorary consul of Kazakhstan in that. He believes, such a step will contribute to the development of B2V contacts between countries.

“I believe that states such as Kazakhstan and this can play a more active and constructive role in the assistance of international cooperation around the world,” he said.

In turn, Ford Gnassingbe thanked the Kazakhstan side for the warm welcome and confirmed the commitment to the establishment of cooperation in various areas of the economy representing mutual interest.

“Kazakhstan can even become strategic partners. Your country has a huge economic potential. Our delegation is interested in expanding cooperation in the trade and economic sphere, mining industry, agriculture, transport, digitalization. Our negotiations aimed at establishing comprehensive ties, clearly showed the interests of the parties in the deepening of interaction, ”said the president of that

The leaders of the two countries discussed the prospects for the development of the Kazakh-Togolese partnership. Particular attention was paid to the establishment of political dialogue, deepening cooperation in trade, economic, investment, energy, transport, logistics and cultural and humanitarian spheres, as well as interaction in the field of health and military industry.

Earlier, the presidents of Kazakhstan and that held negotiations in a narrow format.