In Latvia and Estonia, citizens of Russian Federation were detained “

In Estonia and Latvia, with the assistance of Lithuania, a group of citizens of the Russian Federation, who are suspected of crimes committed “on the instructions of the Russian authorities”, was detained. This was reported by the Department of State Security (DGB) of Lithuania.

The arrests took place since last December, all the suspects were Russian citizens, some also have an Estonian passport. In Estonia, they are accused of actions directed against state security, and in Latvia to assist Russian special services in anti -state activity.

The department explained that he considers Russia responsible for the operations that consist in the spread of propaganda, misinformation and targeted violations of legislation of different nature.

The DGB did not provide more detailed information about the detainees and the charges against them.

Estonia successfully stopped the hybrid operation of Russian special services in our territory, wrote in the X Estonian Prime Minister Kai Callas.

“We know that the Kremlin is aimed at all our democratic societies. Our answer: be open and reveal their methods. This is a way to prevent harmful actions and make us stable,” said the head of the Estonian Cabinet.